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Dinner with Tom OHara84547 bytes
Drinks on Marianna88545 bytes
adjusting the suspension72239 bytes
Pelican Drive Ducati in Lugano60019 bytes
still working on the suspension48007 bytes
Dinner at Osteria Ciona80739 bytes
clickity clack at Plaza di Reforma71322 bytes
clickity clack 266953 bytes
clicity clack 366149 bytes
Sunday at the Dogna Cafe86191 bytes
Dogna Cafe 294668 bytes
Tom and Urs59417 bytes
Urs & Tom on a stop82342 bytes
How to get a lift in Lugano46146 bytes
Tom installed the DD lights70363 bytes
flowers were everywhere73083 bytes
In front of the Moto Guzzi factory69644 bytes
Varenna to Managgio44260 bytes
Menaggio on Lago di Como60086 bytes
Laveno to Verbania69625 bytes
Laveno on Lago Maggoire68410 bytes
looking towards Andermatt44510 bytes
closer view34784 bytes
snow in the hills30380 bytes
driving lessons69481 bytes
Cool Dude64554 bytes
Lago Maggiore43053 bytes
another view42155 bytes
lunch at Stresa84910 bytes
Mottorone61848 bytes
Urs at Mottorone57291 bytes
looking north54229 bytes
Andermatt is in the distance24667 bytes
The bike almost fell over72522 bytes
Lago d Orta33895 bytes
similar58363 bytes
Lago Maggiore43208 bytes
Lago Maggiore 239883 bytes
above Maccagno36905 bytes
from the pillion145890 bytes
Looking back towards Lago Maggiore38909 bytes
similar32114 bytes
looking down on Locarno43417 bytes
Urs above Locarno54920 bytes
Willie in the sky47233 bytes
Locarno44658 bytes
Small ski area78127 bytes
cappuccino time94583 bytes
winding down to Vira151630 bytes
down to Vira 2153669 bytes
Vira 3156703 bytes
not so nice34800 bytes
from the deck63611 bytes
pretty day40238 bytes
Sometimes rain44623 bytes
Bella Vista 149965 bytes
Bella Vista 251925 bytes
Bella Vista 381563 bytes
Willie & Urs at the BV58386 bytes
others53950 bytes
more63041 bytes
Willie & Urs at Grotto Osteria Ciona67374 bytes
Marianna & assistant Osteria Ciona48426 bytes
nice deck day36480 bytes
On the way to Bologna70563 bytes
The Press at the Sheraton71453 bytes
The gathering of Centopassi participants91871 bytes
The bikes gather81976 bytes
More bikes80970 bytes
Strategy is discussed43782 bytes
Show time at Ducati factory65494 bytes
Bikes are ready78692 bytes
More coffee needed58099 bytes
Willie is ready60806 bytes
Our guides71036 bytes
Briefing35109 bytes
Group 3 was us77488 bytes
lunch stop81832 bytes
Urs was hot82157 bytes
Barricattela was lunch stop66433 bytes
Laverone was the first night75536 bytes
The slower bikes arrive80214 bytes
Laverone check point95102 bytes
Food was at the ready72537 bytes
The free Multistrada92324 bytes
Brian Catterson of Cycle World78847 bytes
Rescue prep77790 bytes
The wounded leaves24726 bytes
Our bikes await departure93602 bytes
Departure from Laverone73141 bytes
Lunch stop day 287571 bytes
leg stretch92758 bytes
I think Paso Tonale48412 bytes
Bribery108063 bytes
No no no no99606 bytes
Paso di Gavia80930 bytes
Long day for Urs98564 bytes
Willie offerning encouragement91386 bytes
room view at Santa Caterina40951 bytes
Santa Caterina was night two65447 bytes
Passo Stelvio wurst stand69743 bytes
Our group 3 at Stelvio73594 bytes
Stelvio check point81701 bytes
Urs at Stelvio77955 bytes
Gathering strength58555 bytes
What a nice day50907 bytes
Best food of the trip66104 bytes
Piazza Walther Walther in Bolzano79735 bytes
Our helpers93297 bytes
The free bike73583 bytes
Dinner at the Luna Park Hotel66190 bytes
Ton Maas at the Luna Hotel68041 bytes
Italian airconditioning65199 bytes
At the Luna50990 bytes
Our riding companions51843 bytes
Urs & Willie at the Luna50673 bytes
Ready to roll97184 bytes
Next stop Kraniska Gora103089 bytes
Venzone after trip failure81857 bytes
Lunch at Quinz Hotel on Lago di Misurina48670 bytes
The weather is busy39505 bytes
Cortina79104 bytes
We gather at the Ice Palace81163 bytes
The weather gets busier36095 bytes
Taken from the Argentina Hotel55901 bytes
Our soggy bikes80058 bytes
Testing the sweeper70434 bytes
Checking for cops82045 bytes
Here we go53670 bytes
Loris Capirossi at awards party59917 bytes
Heading for Zuos40814 bytes
Zuos44501 bytes
Casa di Costalunga44439 bytes
The angel56093 bytes
Ofen Pass57223 bytes
Zuoz 129031 bytes
Zuoz 247532 bytes
Zuoz 332688 bytes
Our room was 5 flights up43967 bytes
A real long day48646 bytes
Towards Chiavenna60845 bytes
Motogiro Alpina109609 bytes
This is a Lugano group77715 bytes
On the ferry to Bellagio73785 bytes
more ferry76642 bytes
Willie on the boat41153 bytes
Cappuccino in Gravedona53025 bytes
lunch at Silvaplana25382 bytes
Silvaplana53050 bytes
the lunch restaurant59586 bytes
Coming into St Moritz39580 bytes
Silverplane See43138 bytes
Heading toward Zuoz54379 bytes
Zuoz27345 bytes
Dinner in Mals58033 bytes
Mals60655 bytes
heading towards the back of Stelvio51967 bytes
Charlie on Stelvio67293 bytes
Charlie at the top66079 bytes
back side of Stelvio98503 bytes
backside93839 bytes
top of Stelvio68055 bytes
front side of Selvio99900 bytes
view from Stelvio55996 bytes
Gavia31736 bytes
Gavia 252232 bytes
Cappucinno at Gavia84245 bytes
Charlie and Willie77314 bytes
Leaving Gavia55422 bytes
Bernina Pass63838 bytes
Passo di Eira51822 bytes
Passo Foscagno75246 bytes
Looking NW above Kaups59706 bytes
Pillerhohe42569 bytes
Towards Timmelsjoch48042 bytes
Timmelsjoch65831 bytes
Timmelsjoch62038 bytes
lunch in St. Leonard80373 bytes
St. Leonard82561 bytes
Jaufen Pass32354 bytes
Urs & Charlie at Jaufen65929 bytes
Urs & Willie at Jaufen71169 bytes
roads52159 bytes
view39011 bytes
Corvara49591 bytes
Corvara in the evening44947 bytes
evening28099 bytes
morning in Corvara58308 bytes
early look at Passo di Giau41795 bytes
pretty flowers58180 bytes
heading towards P. Gardena69971 bytes
Gardena69274 bytes
Passo Sella73067 bytes
Passo Falzerego44087 bytes
the road gets busy74237 bytes
Nearing Cortina24285 bytes
classic bus pass opportunity73911 bytes
Cortina58762 bytes
another look40208 bytes
more Cortina spires34154 bytes
the area is pretty boxed in68729 bytes
nice rock above Misurina34047 bytes
Sitting alongside Lago di Misurina108316 bytes
Top of Drei Zinnen49537 bytes
Willie at Drei Zinnen62333 bytes
What we saw39488 bytes
what was down there40527 bytes
the other way45908 bytes
around the corner32106 bytes
These were army campers at Drei Zinnen44937 bytes
Charlie at Drei Zinnen70650 bytes
So far in the distance21718 bytes
Checking us out103894 bytes
Heading out of Misurina45496 bytes
Cortina42651 bytes
Passo di Giau62301 bytes
see forever30143 bytes
closer in35548 bytes
Wallpaper stuff60702 bytes
outside of Arabba82479 bytes
close to home73043 bytes
background20731 bytes
Anais cabin71463 bytes
never ever77316 bytes
Rufugio Cima88236 bytes
Located S across the dam86132 bytes
Gruppo Marmolada42997 bytes
Looking NW60226 bytes
The air is filled with paragliders29156 bytes
They were all looking at this38429 bytes
They jumped off of these40722 bytes
Trying to reach these31209 bytes
They swooped in to us23194 bytes
Typical traffic48235 bytes
Why we could not lane split89661 bytes
To hell with it67740 bytes
We are right behind55210 bytes
Narrow roads68080 bytes
Pretty vistas39434 bytes
Rugged country56712 bytes
Pretty fields59974 bytes
Unusal cars60812 bytes
Heading away from the Dolomites93090 bytes
Lunch at Passo di Manghen115998 bytes
Where we came up Manghen96948 bytes
Shrine at Manghen124036 bytes
Jack & Mary Grewe in Riva46307 bytes
Pizza night58589 bytes
Followed by ice cream60202 bytes
here34249 bytes
with53711 bytes
laundry day in Riva38981 bytes
Disaster near Croce Dominii92209 bytes
Car hit us head on82695 bytes
He lost control91263 bytes
Parts of the car and bike119576 bytes
Where we hit the guardrail127336 bytes
Where the car knocked the pannier off84781 bytes
Where the right pannier hit the guardrail73160 bytes
Damage to the fairing and front wheel84085 bytes
Left side damage86253 bytes
Where we hit the rock wall111577 bytes
At Mariannas together64269 bytes
Jack53510 bytes
Mary & Jack54469 bytes
Mary and Jack51932 bytes
My view from the Ospadale Civico30772 bytes
I kept busy by counting the cranes35967 bytes
My bed for six days43795 bytes

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