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We start from home26802 bytes
Grotto Dogna brunch in Italy73569 bytes
Cappuccino in Argegno59864 bytes
Lake Como51864 bytes
Residenza Parco Carona43433 bytes
Looking south35145 bytes
Looking north42186 bytes
Dominica71863 bytes
Willie and Urs at La Posta62467 bytes
Both of Tons cars25623 bytes
Close company43986 bytes
Gathering of the Motogiro Alpina73389 bytes
Note the boots64472 bytes
Tom OHara82584 bytes
The ride to Laino40955 bytes
At the top57026 bytes
Piazza di Reforma45669 bytes
Roberto Crosariiols workshop57219 bytes
Bertos courtyard in Chivasso62850 bytes
Bertos wine celler59679 bytes
where we found Bertos bike64843 bytes
Midnight pizza57309 bytes
Giano dell Umbria 43543 bytes
Luca and friends60001 bytes
Anna Ton Willie Urs Berto and Luca66229 bytes
Urs Berto and Ton at Hotel Park87301 bytes
Hotel Park72743 bytes
Tons caravan72859 bytes
Other caravans82588 bytes
Other side78095 bytes
GiraMoto sign in64841 bytes
Historical class57210 bytes
Getting ready81574 bytes
Our steed at the ready69928 bytes
Our forerunner56990 bytes
Ben Maas and friends85798 bytes
Check point75604 bytes
Where are we75009 bytes
I dont know67954 bytes
Special section52680 bytes
Ton trying his luck48497 bytes
Berto at the start78388 bytes
(untitled)57357 bytes
(untitled)57145 bytes
(untitled)43467 bytes
On the road36554 bytes
More road50018 bytes
Ton not obsrving the rules74900 bytes
Walled city66486 bytes
Berto giving grin53325 bytes
Berto at the overlook86681 bytes
Typical Umbria scene54507 bytes
City scene82645 bytes
High valley scene27964 bytes
Wide open country24199 bytes
Fuel stop58366 bytes
Typical lunch spot56181 bytes
A policeman joined our group43259 bytes
End of the day75928 bytes
War story time82395 bytes
Laura showing us where we got lost36221 bytes
Bike security69764 bytes
Start of the last day75791 bytes
Laura giving us advice63688 bytes
Willie waiting his turn75814 bytes
Away we go51393 bytes
Ton trying to figure it all out70766 bytes
Overlook40728 bytes
Local castle29147 bytes
(untitled)60014 bytes
(untitled)35995 bytes
End of the race58554 bytes
(untitled)70932 bytes
Old Ducati assembly57408 bytes
Some trophies58292 bytes
We won Best Team54917 bytes
CARIPOTI AUTOMOTO in Amelia77654 bytes
Some of his bikes64406 bytes
He has stacks of engines61377 bytes
It is really a museum83049 bytes
They are all for sale66004 bytes
Lunch on the road52254 bytes
Basement in Assisi67554 bytes
Stacks of parts63235 bytes
Where the hard work is dine62831 bytes
The tools to do it55767 bytes
Mugello race track32407 bytes
The racers49356 bytes
Putting stuff away43655 bytes
Ton having a personal chat42839 bytes
(untitled)25046 bytes
Famous Futa Pass54178 bytes
Futa Pass36208 bytes
Long day38725 bytes
Ton catching a breather47607 bytes
Wedding by boat in Dongo75132 bytes
Heading to City Hall59329 bytes
Heading toward Splugen Pass35429 bytes
Right of way61090 bytes
Lago Montespluga35992 bytes
Ton checking out the Maserati59192 bytes
Back side of Splugen58377 bytes
more Splugen50691 bytes
The money shot66308 bytes
San Bernardino50487 bytes
The town of Splugen63723 bytes
Urs shopping72905 bytes
REady to head to San Bernardino67331 bytes
Over the top22988 bytes
Rewards61754 bytes
Andermatt51497 bytes
Willie and Urs65904 bytes
Hotel zur Sonne62631 bytes
Andermatt main street54043 bytes
Looking the other way58978 bytes
Our bike garage61047 bytes
Heading up Susten Pass50583 bytes
Susten61266 bytes
Over the top79508 bytes
(untitled)80756 bytes
(untitled)69478 bytes
Willie48257 bytes
The group95126 bytes
Nice day58356 bytes
Looking up Furka Pass35927 bytes
Looking down towards Gletsch44423 bytes
Smelling the roses at the Belvedere57616 bytes
Shooting from the hip67352 bytes
Lunch in Andermatt69309 bytes
Heading back to Furka40348 bytes
Looking back towards Andermatt34545 bytes
Up Furka31752 bytes
(untitled)28657 bytes
(untitled)39026 bytes
(untitled)33546 bytes
Steam engine in Gletsch50995 bytes
Steam engine heading up Furka42045 bytes
(untitled)44218 bytes
Interlaken42068 bytes
Ton shows97035 bytes
Chatterhams62080 bytes
(untitled)60065 bytes
Top of Nuefenen39707 bytes
again42188 bytes
Towards Airolo21003 bytes
Rostis52561 bytes
Heading to San Marco19879 bytes
(untitled)26613 bytes
Above the tree line52477 bytes
Way high43200 bytes
Near the top26912 bytes
Top of San Marco60943 bytes
Down the other side32601 bytes
Lake Como28853 bytes
Catching the ferry to Bellagio52260 bytes
Threading the needle to Lugano49211 bytes
Looking out from Urss deck in Ciona39624 bytes
Top of Val Magia51577 bytes
Looking down towards Locarno37802 bytes
I needed this68267 bytes
The new Italian Cafe34261 bytes
Le Prese75345 bytes
Hotel Le Prese70577 bytes
Deck by the lake50964 bytes
Martini time53355 bytes
Heading up Gavia25247 bytes
Gavia30771 bytes
Top of Gavia54735 bytes
Cold up here60668 bytes
Because it is high26010 bytes
Top of Stelvio52720 bytes
The best wurst stand51911 bytes
Cooks help50524 bytes
Across the street58919 bytes
Hotel Castelle in Dorf Tyrol40750 bytes
Catching the ferry in Venice46146 bytes
The main canal52509 bytes
No roads35507 bytes
(untitled)48904 bytes
Looking towards the Metropole Hotel53595 bytes
Our garden behind the hotel71975 bytes
(untitled)28466 bytes
Willie55331 bytes
(untitled)38943 bytes
Urss glass shop49408 bytes
Our musician38016 bytes
Dinner time at the Metropole64391 bytes
Studying the options61643 bytes
Gone broke47344 bytes
Jin Hee and John46094 bytes
Dinner at Mariannas49755 bytes
Johns Ford44285 bytes
Goodbye57012 bytes
At the overlook42611 bytes
Dueling cameras19809 bytes
Fast company49052 bytes
Time to go home17698 bytes

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