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San Bernardino Pass85055 bytes
Urs is dizzy from the turns83347 bytes
Lunch at lake Walensee80121 bytes
Bobby and Margie Barnesky84064 bytes
Urs Arcese and Bill Wahl78761 bytes
Lake Walensee in the rain80162 bytes
Inventory after the crash97577 bytes
The tricky curve96246 bytes
Klontaler See in the morning88717 bytes
Klontaler See83952 bytes
Pretty place85055 bytes
Ready to roll88225 bytes
Lunch near Linthal80264 bytes
Happy Urs82749 bytes
Checking for bees85435 bytes
A little rain makes it green86079 bytes
Getting into the swing79922 bytes
Serious hunger87060 bytes
At the top of Klausenpass85063 bytes
Looking east79574 bytes
Goscheneralpsee side trip89463 bytes
Resting bikes81279 bytes
At the top87603 bytes
The See has to fill up88792 bytes
Charlie79037 bytes
From our Andermatt hotel81968 bytes
The weather was changing82984 bytes
But it cleared up84827 bytes
Looking east on Susten78952 bytes
Looking west on Susten85214 bytes
Across the valley83630 bytes
Road maintenance86472 bytes
Sniffing for action79914 bytes
Charlie and Willie82561 bytes
Charlie and Bob and Willie81187 bytes
Willie alone83142 bytes
Urs on the west side of Susten89053 bytes
Top of Grimsel81968 bytes
Looking across towards Furka96693 bytes
Furka Pass83958 bytes
Urs on Furka81625 bytes
Charlie and Urs82784 bytes
Bobby and Urs76398 bytes
Looking up the road on Furka78472 bytes
The other way81853 bytes
Ford Cobra on Nuefenen90163 bytes
Nuefenen Pass76656 bytes
Another Nuefenen80953 bytes
Lodge at the top81810 bytes
Our hotel in Andermatt81295 bytes
Heading up Oberalp82427 bytes
Abula Pass81768 bytes
Alpine horn93547 bytes
Pool at Hotel Engiadina in Zuos88139 bytes
Bobby working on the damage85374 bytes
Up the hill in Zuos80553 bytes
View from our patio81583 bytes
Back side of Splugen Pass85407 bytes
What Splugen is all about94607 bytes
Wildflowers were everywhere80448 bytes
Julier Pass82511 bytes
Sun worshiper81958 bytes
Passo del Bernina87745 bytes
Looking the other way80156 bytes
Where is the WC84354 bytes
Over the top86348 bytes
On toward Stelvio82376 bytes
Top of Stelvio82045 bytes
My favorite wurst stand81863 bytes
View from the patio75355 bytes
Senior Ducati86364 bytes
Great shape90605 bytes
A midget at Stelvio87524 bytes
Backside of Stelvio87803 bytes
Hotel Castel79007 bytes
Cocktail party82434 bytes
Margi Bobby and Urs82459 bytes
Ursula and Willie82580 bytes
Dinner at Hotel Castel79122 bytes
Jaufenpass75529 bytes
Top of Jaufenpass78659 bytes
Backside of Jaufenpass86595 bytes
More Jaufenpass82677 bytes
The Dolomites71493 bytes
Top of Wurtz Joch82469 bytes
View from Wurtz Joch86828 bytes
More view83620 bytes
Charlie at Passo Pordoi85420 bytes
Talking shop85934 bytes
Ducati at Pordoi86132 bytes
Lots of carbon fiber86758 bytes
Sniffing88834 bytes
Top of Passo di Sella89423 bytes
Sella is Ducati heaven80166 bytes
Passo Levaze84059 bytes
Levaze86463 bytes
Lake Garda at the Hotel LeBalze78217 bytes
Hot79516 bytes
Lago di Valvestino95017 bytes
Another view97442 bytes
Lunch at Cima Meghe82420 bytes
Road closed at Passo Muniva92486 bytes
Ferrari factory waiting room75373 bytes
Urs negotiating for a fitting82025 bytes
Tour to begin77309 bytes
Looking out into the famous courtyard76187 bytes
Shift break78552 bytes
Sunday dinner at the Grotto Dogna78268 bytes
Our faithful steed84460 bytes
Our faithful waitress82366 bytes
Happiness is Sunday brunch81808 bytes
Notice all the butter we ordered79363 bytes
Sunday show time at Lake Como91717 bytes
Argegno92452 bytes
Sunday duds92572 bytes
Posers91491 bytes
Ready to ride81662 bytes
Gagvia86954 bytes
Rolling92633 bytes
Incoming Hydofoil82783 bytes
Tasty stuff at La Posta78753 bytes
Enjoying the deck81782 bytes
Recording the human element81366 bytes
Caught81787 bytes
Getting into the wine77001 bytes
Lunch at Bellagio82426 bytes
On the road to Furka759799 bytes
The glacier90606 bytes
Glacier has receeded85734 bytes
Ur catching a break85842 bytes
Willie on break85936 bytes
Looking back toward Gletsch89776 bytes
Looking past Gletsch toward Grimsel75687 bytes
Rosa Nagen74539 bytes
Hotel zur Sonne74365 bytes
Zeta Nagen - Mother of Rosa80600 bytes
In a lighter moment83435 bytes
Our favorite spot77188 bytes
Up Susten Pass from Wassen81705 bytes
Beautiful Susten82729 bytes
More Susten77652 bytes
Backside of Susten79841 bytes
Lower down86156 bytes
Across the way84709 bytes
Waterfall across the tunnel94948 bytes
Smelling the roses88299 bytes
Mile marker92213 bytes
Over the top85105 bytes
Oh the view80167 bytes
Check the iron horse83421 bytes
Furka from Gletsch79630 bytes
Break time again84860 bytes
Wondering why the guy we smoked did not want to talk to u77004 bytes
Brig85462 bytes
What a bridge75693 bytes
Simplon Pass70379 bytes
Lunch on Simplon84177 bytes
Looking north82638 bytes
Simplon80890 bytes
Centovalle84130 bytes
Dudes dress well81869 bytes
Typical shoes80048 bytes
Plaza de Reforma81546 bytes
Cell phone178162 bytes
Cell phone 281792 bytes
Cell phone380269 bytes
Disappointed no cell phone call79851 bytes
Lunch break77434 bytes
Checking for messages81094 bytes
Important buisness81251 bytes
Well fed77404 bytes
Nice belly button73100 bytes
We are here to serve you76583 bytes
Hans and Sinn and Minu and Gabby and Anna86972 bytes
From Ursulas deck87665 bytes
From Ursulas deck294473 bytes
From Ursulas deck382435 bytes
From the restaurant75955 bytes
At the restaurant76245 bytes
Looking back at Carona towards Ursulas place83460 bytes
Lake Lugano78259 bytes
Carona at dusk72531 bytes
Urs at dinner84144 bytes
Great wine77214 bytes
Macoagno for lunch81591 bytes
Lunch at Lago Maggiore81650 bytes
Indemini88043 bytes
Bellavista Restaurant85210 bytes
Lake Lugano from the Bellavista72574 bytes
Our Greek friends83488 bytes
Urs and Willie at the Bellavista77346 bytes
New Alpe Vicania78712 bytes
Proud owner76131 bytes
Entry86916 bytes
The remodel91137 bytes
Urs88226 bytes
Inn at the Spnish Steps83337 bytes
Spanish Steps83797 bytes
Trip almost over82410 bytes
Tired hosea83252 bytes
Ursulas enterance77261 bytes
Julie Farrell and mother87905 bytes
They came from Australia93746 bytes
Party on the Steps84220 bytes
The rig81664 bytes
The show76512 bytes
The crew74932 bytes
The waifs80376 bytes
The scooters82100 bytes
Current Rome art79804 bytes
Fun in the elevator80287 bytes
Valentinos80829 bytes
Chris and Bob78233 bytes
Willie and Urs80641 bytes
Filippo and Paulette74805 bytes
Trip well done75543 bytes
Party on76188 bytes

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