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Suiting up45080 bytes
North Cascades20376 bytes
Lolo Pass65893 bytes
Hwy 1252675 bytes
Willie on Lolo Pass69504 bytes
Visitor Center on Lolo48256 bytes
Lunch at Vistor Center54419 bytes
Razzi on Lolo65770 bytes
Holiday Inn Hamiton MT43480 bytes
Bitterroot Mts124181 bytes
Bitterroot Mts219059 bytes
Bitterroot Mts428418 bytes
Bitterroot Mts518435 bytes
Dinner in Hamilton47383 bytes
trout pond35184 bytes
girls with bread56297 bytes
Urs finds fish50540 bytes
Urs feeds fish46862 bytes
Urs finds they bite51499 bytes
They rise to the bread49533 bytes
Home for the night68675 bytes
Heading towards Lost Trail Pass31478 bytes
Goats in the rocks48924 bytes
Friendly folks64795 bytes
They are all over the place42960 bytes
North Fork, ID65834 bytes
Salmon River near Stanley48849 bytes
Salmon River47560 bytes
Sawtooth Mts123424 bytes
Sawtooth Mts226354 bytes
Sawtooth Mts325799 bytes
Willie on Galena Summit48518 bytes
Urs on Galena Summit24415 bytes
Scotty checking his notes43475 bytes
Urs following the discussion46901 bytes
Scotty shows his political ideas44267 bytes
Meri Shorter & Al Giebel58574 bytes
Willie & Meri post martini54018 bytes
Bill & Meri Shorter63843 bytes
Al & Urs & Willie66689 bytes
Bill Shorter holding court in SLC46014 bytes
Martini Meri47043 bytes
What a smile46032 bytes
Tired hosea40647 bytes
SLC in the spring68728 bytes
Life has been good47590 bytes
Getting the grill ready53596 bytes
SLMS48827 bytes
Brads bike53529 bytes
dash details43558 bytes
more Brad details67560 bytes
DD headlights set in CF37200 bytes
Razzi in tire change mode52746 bytes
Waiting for tires62087 bytes
Gary Eagan AKA Hobatz41985 bytes
Bills bad tire50852 bytes
I was sold the wrong tire26997 bytes
Eagan showing his colors50843 bytes
Torrey bound from SLC37480 bytes
Urs & Mike & Cyndi & Gary49193 bytes
Where we were43818 bytes
Urs & Willie48900 bytes
Bill A & Paul G arrive Torrey65626 bytes
Razzi had her spot65878 bytes
The Chuckwagon67859 bytes
Razzi had a good ti9me66262 bytes
Waiting for Fariborz to show46611 bytes
Willie on the lookout35096 bytes
Looking back towars Torrey29970 bytes
Plenty of elbow room23619 bytes
Checking the view out49571 bytes
Bryce Canyon43962 bytes
Chris & Cyndi at Bryce44996 bytes
Girls talk49230 bytes
Chris Kirk at Bryce Canyon Park49322 bytes
Willie at Bryce55483 bytes
Urs at Bryce64543 bytes
Willie & Chris at Bryce59550 bytes
Urs at the overlook63654 bytes
Cyndi & Chris & Urs49017 bytes
What grows here77208 bytes
Looking at hiking trail90086 bytes
Dueling with Bob Pave43088 bytes
The gang is all here60327 bytes
More gang60651 bytes
Denis St. Amand,25199 bytes
Great dinner46594 bytes
Fariborz getting attention33507 bytes
Susan Scrimshaw & Allan Stern57511 bytes
First night dinner48702 bytes
Mike Wolf & wife33710 bytes
Bill Anderson is in white shirt57298 bytes
Dan Jenkins30295 bytes
Mike Mullen30387 bytes
Gary gining directions58204 bytes
More directions53216 bytes
Out Towel girl58104 bytes
Fariborz trying for a date72025 bytes
Pool shot81303 bytes
Urs checking out a flower52598 bytes
Dry bones50925 bytes
Capitol Reef National Park45731 bytes
Urs found her flower105419 bytes
More flowers99883 bytes
More flowers295104 bytes
The road turned to dirt58657 bytes
more dirt72163 bytes
Near Boulder69646 bytes
Our home49443 bytes
Lining up for dinner69172 bytes
Lots of Ducs57722 bytes
What top boxes are for55436 bytes
Olga on a MV469857 bytes
This was a present to Gary68620 bytes
Ducs at rest73683 bytes
Mike Wolf giving Gary an award42584 bytes
Story time21398 bytes
STs at rest85744 bytes
Bold pilots at the ready81305 bytes
Fariborz bike almost burned up59323 bytes
Mike Wolf looking on54402 bytes
The infamous Burr Trail44278 bytes
Burr Trail 238515 bytes
Burr Trail 341912 bytes
Burr Trail 444995 bytes
Burr trail 537742 bytes
Burr Trail 651805 bytes
Burr Trail 751627 bytes
Photo of those following us21758 bytes
They are getting closer21987 bytes
Susan & Allan departing to return crutches77192 bytes
Lu Conrad in Fremont UT 49925 bytes
Ray Conrad Alta Ski Patrol pal46707 bytes
We had not seen each other for 41 years39989 bytes
Torrey to SLC54683 bytes
Time to pee45596 bytes
Millers Flat46879 bytes
Meri_s 1st ride in SLC57855 bytes
Sage the Shorter dog71776 bytes
Such a nice doggie61670 bytes
Long in the tooth43870 bytes
fancy time in SLC34938 bytes
fancy time 238861 bytes
we obviously finished the wine39085 bytes
Heading north from Kmas42743 bytes
Suiting up after LaMotte Pk51418 bytes
Long day25935 bytes
Jackson Hole43989 bytes
quiet time in JH27997 bytes
Half dead Willie36993 bytes
Urs comes alive35605 bytes
I have to see a doctor40334 bytes
Well we will take you there39241 bytes
The best breakfast we have ever had63481 bytes
Chri Kirk country30417 bytes
Chris dirt bike is up there27773 bytes
Back to Hailey96796 bytes
nice B&B91651 bytes
they look happy but it was a funeral74330 bytes
smoking quarters75102 bytes
These dudes really knew the roads from Weiser ID50045 bytes
The other Pioneer39637 bytes
story to come50141 bytes
story to come 231043 bytes
Story arrives he did them65313 bytes
40th wedding celebration44755 bytes
can you believe this boat in nowhere33887 bytes
Jaybird invited us down after the 40th to their place54281 bytes
Jaybird invited us down after the 40th to their place_sm2174 bytes
Their home58663 bytes
Relaxing at the Wild Horse Store76480 bytes
Climbing out of Hells Canyon33960 bytes
Spring is nice18673 bytes
Razzi likes the view36599 bytes
Where we are47710 bytes
Confirmed39075 bytes
met German tourist bike in background64191 bytes
He does this every year37561 bytes
Heading towards Joseph55047 bytes
peeking towards Joseph39651 bytes
peeking closer46568 bytes
Here we are32818 bytes
Looking right28848 bytes
looking left35182 bytes
Inside Foleys Station a favorite48454 bytes
Foleys Station is in LaGrande44255 bytes
Stangs B&B84471 bytes
Stangs 263216 bytes
Stangs is in LaGrande97562 bytes
Typical Stangs B&B tenants55767 bytes
Our room50157 bytes
our other room39014 bytes
Heading towards Ukiah on 24429614 bytes
John Day Fossil Beds54221 bytes
Fossil 251783 bytes
Shaniko population 2560702 bytes
Hood River OR57682 bytes
Our night in Hood River37283 bytes
Looking at Mt Hood from Frank See home21168 bytes
Framk is my owl pellet friend46819 bytes
Urs & Frank & Molly38947 bytes
infamous Mt St Helens44110 bytes
from afar26465 bytes
with the zoom19869 bytes
Between Windy Ridge & Randle86709 bytes
Urs at the falls83587 bytes
On the way to White Pass24446 bytes
towards White Pass23492 bytes
more White Pass24074 bytes
btween Packwood and Crystal Mt is Mt Rainier25254 bytes
Our mileage after the trip 4,295 miles51593 bytes
Happy times towards Torrey48198 bytes

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