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Ciona is next to Carona south of Lugano219197 bytes
Next to Piazza della Reforma in Lugano90409 bytes
Lunch in Lugano81745 bytes
Willies wurst40637 bytes
Piazza della Reforma82089 bytes
Local action88393 bytes
Ariston Hotel at Piazza Duomo64011 bytes
Pisa55405 bytes
Di Maurizio Ciampolini our hotel owner79986 bytes
Dinner in Pisa82255 bytes
Loading in Livorno88509 bytes
Leaving Livorno81520 bytes
Positioning for the sun88235 bytes
Other ferrys76225 bytes
Livorno breakwater76662 bytes
Cooking under the sun81191 bytes
Lobster like83933 bytes
Rest stop near Bastia81083 bytes
We are finally on Corsica83253 bytes
Corsica is on fire74395 bytes
Sagone83376 bytes
It is HOT83094 bytes
Les Calanche85933 bytes
Urs at Col de Virgio82383 bytes
Willie at Col de Virgio80332 bytes
Big pigs little pigs94884 bytes
Lots of pigs87490 bytes
Friendly pigs87143 bytes
Urs at Col de Bavella84756 bytes
Willie at Col de Bavella78358 bytes
Willie in the Gorges de La Restonica92016 bytes
Summiting out of the creek41561 bytes
Macinaggio at the north end of Cap Corse83495 bytes
Simone Sozzia and Paolo Bassanetti in Macinaggio81436 bytes
Barcaggio at nothern tip76870 bytes
Island de la Giraglia in background77930 bytes
the harbor71996 bytes
Nonza80882 bytes
Rachel75024 bytes
Dinner at the Hotel La Restonica72216 bytes
Rachel Choon who arranged for our stay79340 bytes
Near Morosaglia18186 bytes
Hotel La Restonica92307 bytes
Our courtyard96274 bytes
Our room89939 bytes
Our breakfast lady73740 bytes
Top of the Restonica92995 bytes
Looking down the valley84652 bytes
Trees in the Restonica71432 bytes
Rugged terrain85087 bytes
Typical terrain76851 bytes
Views78183 bytes
The harbor at Bonafacio at the south end of Corsica87918 bytes
It is an old walled city80786 bytes
This would be tough to capture75804 bytes
Coffee time86071 bytes
Way too many tourists91140 bytes
Urs hoofing it up the hill to the walled city82696 bytes
Guess who was controlling the camera40920 bytes
How does this stud measure up45765 bytes
View of the harbor from the walled city at Bonifacio83578 bytes
Urs checking the action out82714 bytes
Inside the walled city49819 bytes
Looking east toward France75231 bytes
Motorcycles have parking privileges28391 bytes
Urs in her shoe buying element86603 bytes
Our new found friends on the ferry toward Nice79816 bytes
These babies are fast75570 bytes
Check the sun worshiper to the left of URs82386 bytes
You can barefoot ski behind this75311 bytes
Our last look at Cap Corse75463 bytes
Think of a wave board here65264 bytes
Michel Lassus BMW driver80972 bytes
Bill Wahl Ducati driver71655 bytes
Nice from the Holiday Inn75712 bytes
Nice looking west83978 bytes
Sam Coll owner of a submersible company in Nice74763 bytes
Our buddy Pierre Paul Andriani who made our stay on Corsica happen70351 bytes
Midnight dinner in Nice78607 bytes
Ursula and Pierre Paul77673 bytes
The hungry mobs83021 bytes
Sam and Pierre Paul76409 bytes
Urs and Willie somewhat battle worn81215 bytes
She was checking us out74672 bytes
If Corsica has pigs Nice has balloons76765 bytes
More balloons39745 bytes
Sam has a good story81239 bytes
Back at the Piazza della Reforma in Lugano78427 bytes
Piazza ladies81345 bytes
We call them clickity clacks82079 bytes
The tiles echo their strides83053 bytes
The guys do their part83969 bytes
Check the hair, and the shoe style82970 bytes
Trolling83246 bytes
Looking for her date83181 bytes
They all smoke and carry cell phones81444 bytes
Obviously American tourists82655 bytes
Stood up80391 bytes
Pensive40201 bytes
Well seasoned75434 bytes
just one more martini77797 bytes
The Bella Vista in upper Morcote81808 bytes
Our Bella Vista owner81170 bytes
Sunday lunch in Italy at the Border Cafe71302 bytes
Talk about friendly71308 bytes
Get gas in CH and eat in IT87436 bytes
Lunch in Gandria76800 bytes
Nice spot80832 bytes
Even the swans like it83632 bytes
Tired but happy77498 bytes
The way others get to Gandria83541 bytes
Tour boats are a big thing here82348 bytes
Looking north from Usulas deck in Ciona82795 bytes
Looking south82545 bytes
Looking east79854 bytes
The apartment has two three decks76406 bytes
Looking north west into the inner courtyard83713 bytes
Master bedroom77457 bytes
living room with fireplace79867 bytes
Kitchen78901 bytes
Second bedroom78750 bytes
Second Bath24789 bytes
Fun to meet new people81820 bytes
We try to hold up on our side83784 bytes
The ferry to Bellagio83099 bytes
Planning the shopping in Bellagio90282 bytes
The Bella Vista77509 bytes
More wine75534 bytes
The weather moves in to Ciona69137 bytes
Almost snow73479 bytes
Warmth is gone70221 bytes
Looking north from the second bedroom86325 bytes
Another photo from the deck41076 bytes
San Salvatore79831 bytes
Ferrari Club of Milano meets at the Border Cafe92269 bytes
They are like Volkswagens89257 bytes
Urs in the background88748 bytes
Willie holding his own82684 bytes
We knew we could beat them83704 bytes
Rossi doing a stare down84189 bytes
Overlooking Lake Como87167 bytes
Lake Como here we come83697 bytes
Right of way92756 bytes
The cows win91852 bytes
The top of Passo San Marco82245 bytes
Action at the pass34811 bytes
Choices73694 bytes
From San Marco we cross Lake Como79365 bytes
Leaving Varenna85232 bytes
Not everyone has a Ducati85025 bytes
Reaching the end of a 200 kilometer day75178 bytes
Fresh snow on Furka Pass looking towar Grimsel Pass82092 bytes
Furka Pass81232 bytes
Cold79996 bytes
Colder77873 bytes
Time for a warm up at Gletsch82609 bytes
Looking back toward Furka85699 bytes
Hot is good86450 bytes
Looking up Susten Pass82018 bytes
Susten Pass85546 bytes
Willie on Susten83030 bytes
Looking back toward Innertkirchen77980 bytes
Unforgetable vistas82888 bytes
Glaciers77830 bytes
Weather81077 bytes
Rock80234 bytes
Belvedere on Furka Pass68034 bytes
Belvedere86456 bytes
Looking east at Belevedere83126 bytes
Further up Furka74875 bytes
Zur Sonne in Andermatt84687 bytes
The smoking room76175 bytes
Lunch in Varese94762 bytes
Mt Salvatore on the left from Ciona71407 bytes
Lake Lugano81892 bytes
Our favorite fish place in Maccacgno92558 bytes
Looking out on Lake Maggore88150 bytes
The fish was this long92732 bytes
Taking the ferry to Verbania81261 bytes
On the way to Verbania79627 bytes
The top of the mountain at Mottarone84800 bytes
The view north83994 bytes
Ducatis everywhere93837 bytes
Some rice burners94258 bytes
The ferry to Laveno82100 bytes
End of the day tales82849 bytes
Tabea Maas, Thierry Jacquet et al on Val Vigezzo Centovalli88448 bytes
Good place for a break as there were no other wide spots89422 bytes
Toce River Val Antigorio88269 bytes
Class V87509 bytes
They kayak this93909 bytes
Lake di Toggia80185 bytes
Looking back down the Val Antigorio85102 bytes
Across Lake di Toggia90743 bytes
The dam84127 bytes
Trolling the Piazza della Reforma83141 bytes
The way to say hello there as in the background79517 bytes
Your place or mine80199 bytes
Ladies of the sidewalk in Lugano83101 bytes
Looking for more shoes81494 bytes
The key fits92208 bytes
Mottarone82509 bytes
New snow from Mottarone82338 bytes
Baum at La Posta in Morcote81267 bytes
Across Lake Maggiore with Brad82825 bytes
And how fast is your bike76491 bytes
Zaghi31054 bytes
Zaghi mosaic76939 bytes
another Zaghi40060 bytes
Urs explaining what she wants78849 bytes
Gianluca Zaghi showing Urs his stuff68192 bytes
Greenspan she bought11647 bytes
Sunday with a hangover34581 bytes
Totured bull73344 bytes
Lake Como looking east toward Passo San Marco78910 bytes
Sunday in Lenno on Lake Como94799 bytes
MV Agusta F461347 bytes
For Sundays only89615 bytes
Everybody gets out on the weekend79878 bytes
Top of San Marco with Kip and Insel86948 bytes
Urs Kip and Insel79560 bytes
Urs Willie and Insel81522 bytes
Company for lunch88093 bytes
Maybe we were supposed to invite them83391 bytes
Lunch near Stressa On Lake Maggiore82417 bytes
On the way to Mattorone82591 bytes
Looking back toward Verbania81604 bytes
Insel Angus82866 bytes
Insel Kip and Ursula85532 bytes
Dinner at the Zur Sonne77041 bytes
Baby it is cold outside78359 bytes
Where are my warm gloves81178 bytes
Looking back toward Furka Pass from Grimsel Pass84975 bytes
Did you hit that ice too83574 bytes
Back side of Grimsel heading toward Innertkirchen85499 bytes
Susten Pass83476 bytes
More Susten82802 bytes
At least the roads were passable80773 bytes
No plows82734 bytes
Morgan 3 wheeler in Andermatt89456 bytes
He was older than I was85696 bytes
Heading for Bellagio to break the bank81552 bytes
Heading up Splugen Pass from Chiavenna86790 bytes
Splugen Pass area78096 bytes
Montespluga82826 bytes
The rest were headed the other way for a Moto Guzzi meet82272 bytes
Looking down the north side of Splugen Pass88957 bytes
San Bernardino Pass80453 bytes
Backside of San Bernardino77601 bytes
Lugano is in the center of these photos472721 bytes
Lugano is 60 minutes north of Milano611378 bytes

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